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Re: [opensuse] Re: Use of "Reply-To" by author is author's choice; is problem if done by list-software
On 23/06/17 22:24, Billie Walsh wrote:
On 06/23/2017 05:14 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
In Thunderbird one has to_deliberately_ use the Reply To Address field
which, by default, is 'blank'.

I have Thunderbird set to automatically include my address as a reply
to. Several other people do also. I usually get two replies to many
messages. One to the list and one to me directly.

When I'm replying to a list message and the sender has a a reply to
set I remove the senders address. [ most of the time ]

I break the 'promise' I made in an earlier post and do it because it is
you, Billie :-).

The key word in what you said is "replying to a list message" -- not a
private message.

What a number of people also do -- and this annoys me greatly -- is to
reply to a post from me to this list, or other lists, by sending their
response to the list as well as to my private address; therefore I
receive _two_ copies of the same message. I have most politely asked one
person to desist from this practice but, alas and alack, he still
persists with the practice... :-(.


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