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Re: [opensuse] plasma 5 settings in Leap 42.2
On 22/06/17 21:32, Istvan Gabor wrote:
OK, I installed KDE desktop environment and Plasma 5 Desktop patterns.
This haven't included kdm, I have to install it separately.
It seems I have I have now a KDE plasma 5 desktop, with
kdm4 login/desktop manager. I couldn't find plasma 5 login manager.

The default login manager on Plasma5 is sddm.

Here are some some questions (old and new) with screenshots:

- Task manager tooltips are way too big. Can I make them smaller?
The best woold be a simple one-line tooltip with text only.

It appears that - in the GUI at least - you can only turn off taskbar tooltips altogether, under Desktop Behaviour -> Workspace -> Show Informational Tips (or by right-clicking a taskbar entry, going to Task Manager Settings -> Show Tooltips).

- Add panel widgets is way too big and wide too. Can I set it to show
smaller icons/boxes?

Looks normal to me. Same as on my system anyway. It's something you only use momentarily though.

- Old, well structured start menu categories are missing.
There are no submenus where used to be. For example multimedia
menu used to have several submenus like Volume manager, Video
Players, Audio Players, Audio Editors etc.

If you right-click the menu, go to Alternatives and choose the older Application Launcher, do you still not get categories (even after configuring that style of menu)?

- How can I turn off translucency for switch user?
(Translucency for windows is turned off already.)

Never seen this before. Just checked, same on mine too. Don't know where that's set.

- Configure desktop (start menu/settings/configure desktop) and
dolphin file manager (start menu/system/dolphin) are not added to
recent application ins start menu? How to make them added to there?

The Recent Apps don't seem to populate correctly on my system. Perhaps it requires re-logging in.

- How can I set spectacle to save in jpeg/jpg as default, not png.

Under Spectacle's Preferences -> Save Options, it says that PNG is always set as default. Have you tried appending ".jpg" there in the Filename field to see if it adheres to your choice?

- How can I disable keyboard layout switch popup icon?

Even by KDE standards you have some extremely esoteric preferences. I can only imagine that if controls or overrides for some of things did exist, it would be in config files, not the GUI. But I've not delved into those much.


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