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Re: [opensuse] Tape Drive Trouble

On 21/06/17 08:46, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
My sources say that 0x750e associated with drive mechanical issues. I
have no explanations why it happens in one case but not the other.
The HP L&TT says there are no mechanical issues.
Have you used the same tape each time? Does it happen on the same tape
or on different tapes? Is drive position (i.e. horizontal or vertical)
the same in all cases?

It is on all tapes regardless of position.

LT&T also says I should use a cleaning cartridge, but I have already done this and the clean led on the front is not on.

I was reading HP's whitepaper about LTO cleaning (can't remember where I got this)

It says if the cleaning LED is off / The error code for cleaning is not present or a cleaning cartridge has been inserted withing 2 weeks it will not clean using the cartridge, instead it will use the internal head cleaning brush.

I was wondering, what if this brush is dirty of there is dust / residue / moisture on the heads? Perhaps if I clean them manually would help? Worst case scenario perhaps the heads have corrosion on them?

At this point I have no idea what else to do?

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