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Re: [opensuse] konsole

On 18/06/2017 14:31, Anton Aylward wrote:
Running just "su" alone meremly changes your effective UID.
By default, it is to root, but could to to another user.
It does not alter HOME, SHELL, USER, LOGNAME, and PATH.
That last one is important. A real root shell expects to have /sbin & /usr/sbin
in the PATH
AFAIK and this has how it has always been. If I use su, I've never used su -, my $HOME is /root and I have /sbin /usr/sbin added to my user's $PATH. If I install some random propriety software via ./ I have to use sudo otherwise it won't install into my user's $HOME and installs into /root instead. su has always given me full root access in konsole the same as if I had logged in as root in a non x tty.
Only sudo echo $HOME gives me my user's home and su'ed shell gives me /root.

Dave P

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