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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 20/06/17 00:45, Wols Lists wrote:
On 18/06/17 20:14, Anton Aylward wrote:
My 'regular' tabs start with "bash -l" so i have to enter my GPG-agent
pass-phrases for each. My root shell is there asking for a password.
My tabs - all of them - start however konsole does it. Whatever the
default is. I've done nothing special - nothing at all to the best of my
The restored root tab asks for the password.

I don't have - again, never have, iirc - a root tab.

Unlike you I don't believe that somehow bypassing the root password to access
root privileges is a Good Thing. The tab is there. If and when, which is
every day, I need a root shell, it is there.

Nor do I. If I need root privileges, I take an existing tab, do a "su"
(which asks me for the password), and either exit when I'm finished, or
expect it to disappear on logout.

I've tried, Patrick has tried, to get over the idea of a root login being
different from a change in the effective UID with a simplistic "su".
I don't understand your point. I *ONLY* *EVER* use "su". *My* behaviour
is consistent. Linux' response is not. (I do understand the difference,
I just can't see why it has any bearing on why linux is being inconsistent.)

To repeat - if konsole is open when I log out, it is restored when I log
back in. That much is consistent, and hunky dory.

Just wondering if this is your problem. It seems that you have set in
the System Settings "Restore previous session" at boot time. Why not use
"Start with an empty session" and see what happens?



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