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Re: [opensuse] plasma 5 settings in Leap 42.2
.On Sun, 18 Jun 2017 18:09:23 +0200, gumb wrote:

Thank you for your detailed answers.

On 18/06/17 17:32, Istvan Gabor wrote:
Without saying anything about Leap 42.2's default plasma desktop,
just a list of questions. I have Leap 42.2 with deafult KDE desktop
(plasma 5?):
-desktop panel: how to see hight in pixels?

That info was removed.

In KDE3 it was not only shown but the pixel number could be set/typed directly.
In KDE4 the number could not be typed directly but still was shown.
In KDE5 it isn't even shown.
This is what KDE devs call progress.
In KDE6 the panel size will be fixed, I suppose.

What you can do as a workaround: let's say you
want the height to be 32 pixels, open some app like Dolphin, click on
the Window's settings menu button (top-left), go to More Actions,
Special Window Settings, click the Size radio button and enter the
vertical screen size minus the panel height you desire. OK the dialog.
Position the application to the top of the screen. Now adjust your
panel height to the bottom of the application. You could also use the
KRuler utility but I'd say that's more fiddly.

OK, I want different systems to have the same lookout.
How am I supposed to set the same panel size for different logins
on different systems if I don't know the pixel number?
Is there a config file somewhere that includes that number?

-how to disable KDE wallett service window popping up
(eg. every time after vivaldi startup)

Depends on your circumstances. If you're willing to compromise on the
security aspects you can select the classic blowfish method, click
Next and set to a blank password. But obviously not a good idea if you
want to prevent anybody ever accessing personal data or passwords in
KWallet-protected apps on your machine.

I understand the risk and I don't let the apps (eg vivaldi) to handle
passwords or info like that. I don't want to use kwallet at all.
I don't want to set up an empty password, I want to turn off/disable
kwallet completely. How? Why the desktop is forcing me to use it?

-where is screen saver settings? (not screen locker)

Screen savers were removed a few releases ago. In part due to being
deemed irrelevant by today's demands of power-saving, etc. The one
things you can still achieve with current Plasma, under that Screen
Locker section, is the setting of a wallpaper slideshow which
effectively acts like a screensaver as soon as the screen locks.

It would be OK, if I could set screen locker without password and could
set blank screen (which I use for screen saver).
I want the screen go blank after x minutes but be able to wake it up
without entering password. Is it serious that it is not
possible anymore?

-plasma system settings - search field: where is clear search
field button?
I don't know what you mean exactly - a global search within System
Settings? In mine, it's right there top-right when you open it. But
it's misleading, not technically a search, it's more of a filter, so
there's no need for a button since if the term you search for exists
it highlights the settings categories below that contain it.

OK, it's a filter. E.g. if I want to find among the settings e.g. "keyboard"
I type there "keyboard" and only the settings which have "keyboard" setting
options remain black, others become gray. If I want to filter for another
word, I have to delete the content (the word "keyboard") of the filter box
manually. There used to be a small icon (x) next to the filter box and clicking
it emptied the filter box. Plasma 5 doesn't have this small icon.

-kde5/plasma5 system settings: help/about doesn't show version number,
why, how do I get it?

Under Help -> System Settings -> Version tab. Or open the KInfocentre
for KDE Plasma/Frameworks versions.

I will check this one.

-how to disable the menu button at the right edge of the bottom panel?

Lock widgets.

-panel add widgets looks very ugly - very wide column at the left edge
of the screen with HUGE ugly icons and big fonts - is this normal?

You'd have to show us a screenshot.

For some other questions, a screenshot or more info required.

Before I send screenshots I want to be sure that I have an official
clean plasma 5 installation, to make sure that KDE4 or KDE3 packages are
not interfering with plasma 5. Therefore I installed a new openSUSE
Leap 42.2 with minimal X configuration and some gtk/gnome stuff.
Before I install KDE/plasma I want to know how to do it or what to
install. I have only the following repos enabled:

10 | repo-non-oss | openSUSE-Leap-42.2-Non-Oss
11 | repo-oss | openSUSE-Leap-42.2-Oss
14 | repo-update | openSUSE-Leap-42.2-Update-Oss
15 | repo-update-non-oss | openSUSE-Leap-42.2-Update-Non-Oss
1 | Packman | Packman

In YaST Package Manager Patterns window I see "Plasma 5 Desktop"
and "KDE Desktop Environment" patterns. Which one do I have to set
for installing a clean KDE5/plasma5 DE?



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