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Re: [opensuse] Re: Off Topic: using reply-to
* Wols Lists <antlists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-18-17 10:37]:
On 18/06/17 15:11, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Wols Lists <antlists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-18-17 10:03]:
On 18/06/17 13:05, Anton Aylward wrote:
This is the other side of the argument that the list should be configured
to so
that replies go to the list not the poster, that people 'naturally' hit
to", so the list should be configured that way and 'all other lists are
that" and the openSUSE list is deviant.

And then you get lists (I'm on a few) that are configured such that
*none* of the reply options actually work other than "reply to list". So
when I do want to reply privately, I have to "forward" and then manually
enter the email address :-(

(Or "reply" then manually delete the list and enter the recipient...)

point is that you can recognize the difference and still apply your choice
which many mail clients make very difficult. goes back to the windows
mentality that they know better what you need/can do that what you do.

linux is still about choice.

It would be nice, however, if the options "reply to list", "reply to
all", "reply to sender" actually did what they said on the tin.

I have never noticed those actions not acting as expected on my mail

It gets very confusing when they work correctly on some lists, they all
do "reply to list" on others, and all do "reply to sender" on yet others!

can you not make those setting in your mail client be determined by the
particular list? I can on mine.

Yes I know I can force it to do what I want, but I'd rather not be
forced to use a sledgehammer to drive a screw, when there's a nice
little screwdriver that is supposed to be able to do the job :-)

it is as simple as setting a sig. why describe it as so difficult unless
you are unaware of how to accomplish it or are just summarily dismissing
the need?

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