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Re: [opensuse] Nvidia Leap Repository?
* Michael Hirmke <mh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-18-17 07:07]:
Hi Carlos,

On 2017-06-18 12:26, Michael Hirmke wrote:
Hi Basil,

so where are we supposed to get our Nvidia drivers from?
I tried to update a clone to Leap 42.3 today and had no drivers at all.
Neither a repo was available nor did I succeed in compiling the latest
drivers from the Nvidia download page.

It is too early to update anything to 42.3. It is only intended for testing,
not for real use.

yes, I know, but indeed I wanted to test 42.3, which is useless without
graphics :)

These packages are marked as "unstable", though, and it doesn't seem to
be an "official" source.
Isn't there an official source for Nvidia driver rpms? Or do we really
have no replacement for the rpms from the Nvidia download site?

Not yet.

See the thread:

Subject: Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3 latest kernel 4.4.71 cannot install
Nvidia blob
X-Mailinglist: opensuse-factory

I read that, but in fact I really wouldn't be amused, if I would have to
download and compile the Nvidia packages myself. I hope, that there will
be any repo to automatically do that job on an upgrade.

It is not a "big thing". it only amounts to running an script and
answering a few questions or passing a couple of parameters and
remembering to run the script when the kernel or mesa packages are

so you *can* be amused.
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