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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 18/06/17 13:57, James Bunnell wrote:
Basil Chupin:
On 18/06/17 11:37, James Bunnell wrote:

what everyone seems to overlook, or perhaps i didnt mention it, it is a
fresh install, not an updated to tumbleweed install, not a month old
install. it is a 1 day old install. thanks.
And another thing not mentioned so far -- or I missed it? -- is which
version of ? are you talking about? You just mentioned Tumbleweed. Are
you talking about TW or Leap 42.2 or 42.3 Beta (which, BTW, works
b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y :-) )?


...My latest
choice of distro is openSUSE. I downloaded Leap 42.2 onto a dvd and
installed from there. Today, while napping, I did a zypper dup for
Tumbleweed. Konsole is still the same.

This is getting VERY confusing :-(. Are you suggesting that you did a
dup to TW from 42.2? Or that you have 42.2 installed as well as TW and
that you today, while napping (how did you manage this, to 'dup' while
being asleep?) did a "zypper dup" to an installation of TW (but why a
"dup" when all one needs to do is to do "zypper refresh ; zypper patch ;
zypper up"?)

All this is, unfortunately, pointing to the conclusion that you "pressed
the wrong button" somewhere which is why your konsole is behaving the
way you describe. You mention in one of your posts that you 'fiddled'
with the Profile in konsole? Why did you do this as there is no need to
'fiddle' with it.

But there is one suggestion made to you which you ignored or at least
did not report here on the result. It was suggested that you create a
new user and see how konsole behaves. Have you tried this? Yes/No? (Know
how to create a new user? If not then it is: Yast>Security and
Users>User and Group Management>Add.)

I've come to the conclusion
nothing is perfect and I'll live with it. I just want to stay with one
distro for some time. Before, in the day, I started with the original
Redhat 6 and Debian. Messed with Ubuntu a little bit. Anyway, this is
the end of my long biography and excuses. thanks guys.

Time and effort has been spent on trying to help you so don't give up on
us now, OK? :-)

The motto here is: "Satisfaction or your money back plus 10%" :-).


Government has become a committee for managing the affairs of the rich.

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