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Re: [opensuse] konsole
Patrick Shanahan:

explaining your setup and what you want is fine but did not lead to the
problem you experience and describe. you are the admin of your linux box
and you did something which you cannot remember that made a change to your
system which you do not like or want. do not blame the software or the
developers or .... the origin of your problem can be seen when you look
into the mirror.

you could always go to windows where the provider tells you what you can
do and how you can do it and receives much pay for channeling your efforts
to their advantage.

or you can try to systematically try and/or investigate the suggestions
provided here. the rest of the conversation about wants or don't wants
and like or dislikes only consume time and cause frustration and wasted

sorry I must stop now, I do not wish to be as verbose as ....

what everyone seems to overlook, or perhaps i didnt mention it, it is a
fresh install, not an updated to tumbleweed install, not a month old
install. it is a 1 day old install. thanks.

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