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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 18/06/17 04:55, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 17/06/17 10:33 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Wols Lists <antlists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-17-17 09:44]:
On 17/06/17 10:32, James Bunnell wrote:
I have the regular super user konsole. but the konsole that is supposed
to be the regular konsole prompts for a password each time i open it. i
have tried the profile thing, no avail. any ideas as to why this is?

Seems to me the problem is you have both root and user konsoles together. I
find, whenever I su in a konsole, it remembers that and tries to run it as
root next time. It causes grief for a few logins until it goes away - and
even if I give it the root password it appears to do absolutely nothing
with it ...

Short answer: it looks like root konsoles are buggy.
or you have *some* configuration borked.
I agree.
Or perhaps you're "fighting it" rather than making use of the mechanisms it

I do not observe the problems you describe.
neither do I and I'm brutal user at times.

I rarely have reason to hunt for another console window rather than
utilizing the regular konsole
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
I never have to "hunt" since (a) I have a number of tabs open on my Konsole,
its on one of my KDE "virtual desktops", of which I have six configured and
see them on my bottom panel, and (b) I can add another tab with a
(Or mouse to the menu bar and "File -> New Tab".)

and simply "su -". but I have never opened <user> konsole and be asked to>
provide a password, in any of my many years years on suse versions of linux.
Since there is the option "File -> New tab -> Root Shell", I question the
necessity of doing a "su -" in an exiting user shell tab.

As I've said. I have four tabs, 3 of them just user and one for root.
The system remembers those when I shut down.
It also remembers the directories I was in for each tab.

I think that some people in this thread haven't experimented adequately,
drilled down on the various 9broken, so use the web_ help, run it under
to see what config files it access .... and so on and so on.

If Per feels I'm being snarky, all power to him.
As far as i'm concerned, looking to see what each item on the menu bar does
is a
a fundamental. Looking to see what config files get used is a fundamental.

As regular user of konsole in shell mode I have no reason to suspect that it
buggy. It seems a well behaved and quite robust program to me.

Anton, I bought my new car 3 years ago and I have never raised the hood
to look at the engine. I just drive the car. I have no interest in what
makes it run -- well, I do know that it needs petrol, which I buy when
it needs it, and I keep the tyres at the correct pressure. That's it.
Oh, and it goes through the car wash when necessary :-).

The OP and others, including myself, have no need to do what you do with
your setup of konsole. For us konsole just works, either in user- or
root-mode. Simple. The OP is simply asking why his konsole is not
working in this simple mode :-).


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