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Re: [opensuse] multiple kernels?
On 06/12/2017 05:57 PM, John Andersen wrote:
On 06/12/2017 03:40 PM, George from the tribe wrote:
and it is no longer trying to install those 2 kernel packages, but is going
with all the kernel
updates from the kernel:stable repository. I will run that update and see what
happens. I have a
backup in case everything goes badly.

Of course not, it installed those two already.
But now all the updated you have been missing in 4.11 are being applied.

There is no problem with having two different kernels installed.
Lots of people do it. Its the normal way of testing new kernels, and zypper
keeps ALL installed
kernels up to date (if you let it do so).

In the mean time you've been whining about stability of KDE/Plasma5 without
telling us you
are using a non-standard kernel and never applying kernel updates to the kernel
you are

Ok, good to know. I didn't know that zypper keeps all installed kernels. At some point I will have to figure out how to test the kernels myself.

I had no idea that the newer kernels in the kernel:stable repository might affect the stability of KDE until recently, when KDE started to have consistent lockups, and then I noticed this about the kernels.

Your statement there actually brings up an interesting point. Since I am using the kernel:stable repository, is it better to keep it always updating the kernel from that repository? The reason I had disabled the repository was that it seemed that kernel updates were coming through like every week, and perhaps it would be better to just wait. But your comment makes me think that perhaps it is better to always update, as long as I am using an advanced kernel?

The reason I had used the non-standard kernel in the first place was to get my wireless card working. My thought was that now that it was working, I would shut off the kernel:stable repository, hold onto the advanced kernel, and wait until the kernel in the standard repos caught up to what I was using.

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