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Re: [opensuse] Simultaneous output to SPDIF and analog
On 12/06/17 10:04, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

I'll see if I can ask upstream if they share this view.

You can add my voice to your appeal if you like. In my case, I have a laptop + docking station. The laptop has standard analog mic / headphone jacks, whilst the docking station has an SPDIF coaxial out along with an additional headphone jack which used to be something of a mystery.

Since I purchased an amp with Coaxial input, I hooked that up to the dock, but I have to change the profile in PulseAudio Volume Control to Digital Out + Analog In. (It was only then that I discovered the second headphone jack on the dock did actually work, but only in conjunction with that profile.)

The problem is that if I undock the laptop, I have to switch the profile back again to Analog Duplex, but that alone doesn't do the trick. For a long time it was a puzzle going into Alsamixer and fiddling with every control possible for an hour or two until magically something illogical would make the laptop's headphone out jack come to life. I eventually discovered the jack sensors get confused and I have to plug and then unplug something in that jack to force it back into action.

All this palaver on every dock / undock is a right royal PITA. There should be an easier way to run simultaneous audio outputs. I have no desire to manually reset the volumes for each individual application.


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