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Re: [opensuse] Simultaneous output to SPDIF and analog
On 12 June 2017 at 08:20, Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Further research (with pacmd -list-sinks) seems to show that the
problem is in the way OpenSuSe configures pulseaudio. In every profile
(analog output, SPDIF output etc) only one sink is avaiiable. There
are no sinks for other outputs.

The openSUSE configuration is the standard upstream one.

Yet it seems, according to forums, that Ubuntu does not have the problem.

The virtual device (null sink) is created and would route to all other
sinks. But because there si only one sink it just routes to it, and no
other outputs appear.

It's because you've enabled the send-to-all thingy...

Well, what's the point of even having the send-to-all thingy if it
only sends to the one sink in the profile anyway? There are actually
two sinks in the default config - the one hardware sink in the profile
(spdif in my case) and the send-to-all which just sends to the
hardware sink.

When I force it to have the analog hardware sink too, the send-to-all
does send to both.

You need to re-route the sink target for each application manually.

No, all applications uee the combined as the default and that is fine.

Should I file an OpenSuSe bug about this problem? Combined output
should work out of the box, not after a long google for a config

Well, your desired setup is really special, so it can't be done by the
standard configuration the distro provides. That is, a manual
configuration change is mandatory in anyway.

My desired setup is what that other OS routinely does, what is special about it?

There should be a more easy way to achieve it? Yeah, maybe.
Is it an openSUSE bug? No, blame upstream instead.

I'll see if I can ask upstream if they share this view.

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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