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Re: [opensuse] Kernel compilation the openSUSE way?
On Fri, Jun 09, 2017 at 02:33:24PM +0200, Bjoern Voigt wrote:
I usually take the newest openSUSE kernel (from repository
Kernel_stable). But since some month I have a DVB T2 HD card, which
requires a patch (see

So I need to compile kernels myself. I have a working compilation path.
But the current path has 12 steps! It takes some time. I wonder, why it
is so complicated to configure, compile and install a Kernel under openSUSE.

Is there a better/easier/automated way to configure, compile and install
a Kernel under openSUSE?

I know this blog article. But the article uses Vanilla kernels and also
needs 6 steps. With additional patches (4 steps), third-party modules (2
steps) and cleanup (1 step) the article would also need 13 steps:

Out of the box thinking:

Send the patch upstream:
- no steps required

Open a bug for the kernel team with the patch and ask for inclusin:
- 1 step

Otherwise ... I usually let the OBS build kernels RPMs, so I would:
- checkout kernel-default
- add the patch to patches.fixes.tar.bz2 and series.conf
- osc ci
- have OBS build it.

(Your DKMS steps of course need to be done too.)

Ciao, Marcus
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