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Re: [opensuse] Hpet issues again
On 06/08/2017 01:01 PM, John Andersen wrote:
I did save the journatctl segment that included all the details, the back
and the name of the module involved.

I've put the machine through several suspend / resume cycles since and have
not had any
re-occurrence of the slow down.

However I did notice an Oops this morning which occurred after I open the lid.
The only symptom is in Journalctl, no outward indication that it had happened.
The RIP was in a different module

I think I will run some memory tests and suspend resume sequences and
watch this for a while before I start submitting it.

You know,

This could be something as wonky as a 'processor state' -- as the processor
itself wakes up. You would think that hardware is bullet-proof, but with that
many transistors crammed onto a piece of silicon, there is a chance something
isn't waking up correctly from a low-power state (or whatever they are
technically called). If there is something that expects to read a value from
the processor that isn't behaving correctly, that may play into it as well.
(Recall how well the new Pentium did math?)

It may be worth a couple of processor model-specific searches to see if
anything pops up.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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