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Re: [opensuse] tablet as remote display
On 08/06/17 01:56 AM, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
I am getting asked, more and more, about why we do not use a tablet as
the 'display' in our measurement systems. WiFi issues and
near-real-time measurement control issues aside ("but Roger, why does
NetFlix work over WiFi?" ... sigh).

So, here's my question to the list: if you had to set up a tablet to
be a remote display (as opposed to having it run a native GUI app),
what components might you choose. The machine that should have a
tablet used this was will be running openSUSE with KDE as the desktop.

The issues range from speed to responsiveness to not having a physical

If you are running X then its simply a matter of a remote display, "just another
X Terminal". I have a app that does that; I'll have to go get my tablet and
find out what it is. Or you could search the app store yourself.

IIR it takes a little setup. The one I use needs the host to determine the UI.
I found it easiest to run a X version of Thunderbird, since I have the UI on the
apps that are native to the table for email.

As for keyboarding, well you have the tablet's capability. I find on-screen
keyboard tolerable for short stuff, but for anything more than a senescence or
two, such as an email message like this, I want a proper keyboard. My tablet
has, obviously, bluetooth keyboard capability, but I've found I can also plug in
a full sized keyboard via USB (and a USB size changer as in 2/$ on eBay).

Of course it helps that I have a 12" Samsung tablet. I'd hate to be doing this
on anything smaller.

And yes, the host concerned is my openSUSE desktop.
A: Yes.
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