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Re: [opensuse] Leap 43.3 beta question
Roger Oberholtzer composed on 2017-06-05 10:08 (UTC+0200):

I would like to install the current Leap 43.3 beta on a disk that I am
currently running openSUSE 12.3 on. I have a free partition into which
I would like to install 43.3.

Might I expect any issue with the boot setup? The machine has an older
traditional BIOS in respect to booting. I need to be sure I can still
run 12.3 after the install. I will need to continue using that until
43.3 is fully in place.
As long as you don't let the installer write to the MBR you should be fine.
Older Grubs can load newer kernels and initrds as long as they are on a
supported filesystem. Whether 12.3's Grub can handle BTRFS I have no idea. I
still use only EXT3 or EXT4 for / filesystems, and upgraded my master Grubs at
least to the version which shipped with 13.1. I don't have Grub2 installed
anywhere except on a small number of Kubuntu /s.

Grub Legacy is still provided in 42.3, but cannot be set up via the initial
installation process. There is
<> to prevent installation
from proceeding with grub2 deselected for installation, but it can be installed
without being set up, which is what I do, specifying /dev/null as the boot
device. By installing Grub Legacy and specifying it in
/etc/sysconfig/bootloader, kernel installations will maintain a menu.lst file
that can be used as a configfile entry in your 12.3 Grub. And, it can be set up
as it used to be before 13.2 or so, just not during installation. I'm not saying
there's any need to do what I do, just that it's an option, as Grub2 really does
not like being told to install to a partition, besides being heavier and much
more complicated to maintain manually for multiboot scenarios.

Is the 43.3 beta far enough along where I can 'zypper dup' to stay
It works for me on several multiboot machines.

This seems to be the way of things. The 43.3 info says it is
using a rolling release methodology.

Rolling release lasts only until the final GA release, then it will become like
any previous numbered release.
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