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Re: [opensuse] handling videos
On 06/01/2017 06:46 AM, Carl Hartung wrote:
I've worked with 'raw' digital video data in .dv format many times
since Cinelerra and kdenlive use it as their native file format. What I
didn't recognize until just now was the digital-8 connection. :)

Oh yes... And I'm still lucky enough to have 2 of them. Fantastic 3-CCD
cameras, that do 16:9 wide-screen, etc.. I'll use them until they die (or
until I can't find a firewire port anymore -- which is getting damn hard to
find) Luckily my new(used) laptop HP 8760w comes complete with firewire and
all my servers have it.

Using 'dvgrab' from the command-line is a wonderful utility. It will locate
the small silence created by pressing the 'Record-Standby' button and create
separate clips of each video clip for you (with nice date-time prefix so all
your clips are nicely ordered as well. Literally, I have a little script that
will run and rewind the tapes, download the dv clips, create a log file of the
clips with their associated date-time, then rewind the tape again at the end,
eject it and wait for me to put in the new tape.

dvgrab is the swiss-army-knife for getting dv off tape over firewire :p

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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