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[opensuse] Re: Is 40 dropped packets out of 300,000 high? This is wired cat5 LAN
Greg Freemyer wrote:

[linda stats]
That's 8300 out of 1.286 billion. Well below 0.1%.

sudo tc -s qdisc ls dev eth0
qdisc mq 0: root
Sent 122904229458 bytes 90249084 pkt backlog 0b 0p requeues 1584046
Sent 122904054398 bytes 90246915 pkt backlog 0b 0p requeues 1584046
Sent 175060 bytes 2169 pkt
backlog 0b 0p requeues 0

So on transmit for eth0 (I believe) there were 90 million packets sent
and about 1.6 million (~1.6%) of them had to be requeued.

That continues to seem high.

I would agree, but I don't know what's acceptable.
requeues are ways to "slow" down traffic at a particular level
because that "level", priority or class of traffic has been too

I haven't changed out any cables, etc. yet.

They deteriorate over time, "sorta", If you have
a spare cable and adapter, might provide useful data to try.

That said, dropped packets can come from things other than
HW probs -- like timing probs (a burst came in when computer
was busy). Do you know how your kernel's preemption model
is set? (zgrep -i preempt /proc/config.gz).

Mostly looking at PREEMPT model:
None - no forced preemption (server)
voluntary kernel preemption (desktop)
preemptible kernel (low-latency desktop)

I wouldn't agree that servers should use 'none', depends
on what you are serving. You don't want a disk-backup
causing stutters when you are streaming video from
the server. But if you had a slowish disk or one that
was dying and needing retries, it might be possible it
was blocking handling bytes. Not real likely, but

Anyway... do you know what you have?

I didn't see in the prev discussion -- there was
alot of text to wade through, .

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