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[opensuse] Re: on something being monolithic and proprietary.
ianseeks wrote:
On Friday, 7 October 2016 10:19:36 BST Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Larry Stotler (larrystotler@xxxxxxxxx) [20161002 22:50]:
systemd to me personally has always seemed to be a solution in search
of a problem.

Thats one of those statements i see where a lot negative and incorrect ideas have run out, a bit like "its monolithic".
Caught this in looking for something.

You apparently didn't see where I explained why it was
monolithic, and I wanted to explain why it was -- as well as
using "proprietary" interfaces (ones owned by systemd vs.
non-proprietary interfaces that might be considered "open" or "public".

It is monolithic because its parts are not designed to be
"drop-in-replaceable" by any other non-sysD part.

You can't replace any of the parts of systemd that have replaced
the earlier parts. Good example: syslog. Syslog was easily
interchangeable with ng-syslog and rsyslog. But none of those
logs are able to replace systemd's journal. You can add them on
as an afterthough -- but not as a drop-in replacement for journal.

SysD's parts are interdependent so the they can't be replaced --
I might want to use the redhat cgroup manager instead of Sysd -- can I replace Sysd's ownership of the cgroups or "Init"? Say
I develop an init and want to use it in place of SysD -- but just
for capturing dead procs and such (creating a subscription mechanism
usable by other "parties", including SysD). Could I simply drop it
in and have it work?

Of course not! That's why SysD is monolithic -- it can't be used
for its separate parts which are mostly indivisible as they use each other in ways that are _proprietary_ to SysD (i.e. there
is no *open*, widely supported interface to interact with them.

Proprietary mean "owned by someone" -- in this case sysd -- which
has appropriated the previous "open" interfaces and replaced them with interfaces that only other SysD 'units' use.

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