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Re: [opensuse] interesting reading about systemd

On 02/10/2016 16:28, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
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On 10/02/2016 01:35 AM, stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Found on Phoronix and thought to share.

Interesting reading thank you. By what is says it confirms partly the criticism
and in part is able to make some points.
What is puzzling me that the post of Ayer is perceived as a "anti-systemd-fanatic". When
I was reading it, I did not see this as a call to "abandon" systemd, but to limit some
tendencies. I see it as interesting contribution and I am puzzled about not few about the
assertions Strauss makes in his post.
And not the minor this:

"As most, it would justify a call to fork systemd and reverse the umask

WTF, are we now only able through forking to reconsider problems when pointed
out? Maybe it is THIS attitude that calls for abandoning a software, not the
points themselves.
For what I see, the post makes me more worried then not having read it. It seems as much
"religious" and biased as the first.
I will hold in mind that there are justified critiques and points in the first post and
that unfortunately there is a tendency to bash whatever criticism, as there is as well
the tendency to bloat criticism of pitfalls on the other side. All this is not really a
good "clima". YMMV.

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My vote on systemd - I jumped from using a 12.1 system where I had a major dbus bug that was fixed when I switched the system to systemd, it didn't change the systems boot and shutdown times and I was never quite sure if dbus was working properly. I jumped straight into Leap:42.1 and was impressed by the boot time reduction and especially by the shut down time. I was irritated by the inability to write into run-level scripts but actually didn't have to, there's still /etc/bash.bashrc.local.
What's the alternative?
Dave P
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