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Re: [opensuse] interesting reading about systemd
On 10/03/2016 02:45 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-10-03 16:58, Anton Aylward wrote:
Well actually I've just run

systemctl stop /run/systemd/generator/home-anton-MyDocuments.mount


Yes but then so is doing things without a $PATH and having to type


Yes, but then so is not having the CD command and doing things like

/usr/bin/oowrite /home/anton/MyDocuments/Leters/Daddy/Christmas-card-2016.odt

I did say

Actually you don't need the full path, I just show that so you can find where
the units are so you can read them an see how naive they are.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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