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Re: [opensuse] which which?
On Tue, Aug 30, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
On 08/30/2016 03:30 AM, Michael Fischer wrote:

Once upon a time, SuSE had a which(1) which was actually type(1) with " -a".

Recently noticed that which(1) is now actually /usr/bin/which.

Just curious, but what was the reason for the back and forth?

I'd guess that it's because which(1) is usable without a shell:

$ type type
type is a shell builtin

$ env type
env: ‘type’: No such file or directory

Good lord. Under what circumstances would I "not have a shell"?
Would that be where a program (e.g. perl/python/ruby) tries to execute
`which`? But I would think that is actually effectively `sh -c "which
from the calling program.

Yeah, it was a while back, pre-openSuSE, that I discovered that which(1)
was an alias for `type -a`, but.. at least it taught me how useful
`type -a` is :-)


Michael Fischer
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