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Re: [opensuse] Troubleshooting DHCP server setup?
  • From: Herbert Graeber <hgraeber@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2016 21:32:11 +0200
  • Message-id: <6105610.cCegrR6k61@tau-ceti.graeber.private>

Am Dienstag, 9. August 2016, 16:22:54 CEST schrieb Mikhail Ramendik:
I am running Leap.

I have two network interfaces, eth0 and wlan0. I use wlan0 for my home
LAN which supplies the Internet. I would like to have a DHCP server
for eth0 to provide occasional high-speed wired connections for
FTP/Samba transfers. I do not need to do any NAT, the link is for
local transfers only.

I suspect you are using wicked for network managing. Since we have wicked
all interfaces without a connection do not get an ip number on boot.
"on boot" works like "a cable plugin". AFAIK this is not considered a bug,
but a feature.

I am trying to use the standard OpenSUSE way. I have installed the
"DHCP and DNS server" package in yast and am trying to condfigure DHCP
in yast. But I get "error occurred while restarting the DHCP daemon".

When the dhcp server is started it fails because it cannot find an
interface with ip number matching your dhcp configuration.

Here is the log with the apparent reason:


cat /var/log/rc.dhcpd.log

Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server 4.3.3
Copyright 2004-2015 Internet Systems Consortium.
All rights reserved.
For info, please visit
Not searching LDAP since ldap-server, ldap-port and ldap-base-dn were
not specified in the config file
Config file: /etc/dhcpd.conf
Database file: /db/dhcpd.leases
PID file: /var/run/
Wrote 0 leases to leases file.

No subnet declaration for eth0 (no IPv4 addresses).
** Ignoring requests on eth0. If this is not what
you want, please write a subnet declaration
in your dhcpd.conf file for the network segment
to which interface eth0 is attached. **

Not configured to listen on any interfaces!

If you think you have received this message due to a bug rather
than a configuration issue please read the section on submitting
bugs on either our web page at or in the README file
before submitting a bug. These pages explain the proper
process and the information we find helpful for debugging..


I did select eth0 in the DHCP config, and its address is,
static, as shown in yast network settings (but for some reason the
address is absent in ifconfig).

Here is the content of /etc/dhcpd.conf:

# cat /etc/dhcpd.conf
option domain-name "ramendik.local";
ddns-update-style none;
default-lease-time 14400;
ldap-dhcp-server-cn "ramendik.local";
subnet netmask {
default-lease-time 14400;
max-lease-time 172800;

So, apparently a fitting subnet statement exists, but is not applied for

Your logs match the situation I described above.

How can I fix this, and what am I doing wrong with yast?

First, your problem shows that the possibility to give an interface
an ip number on boot is important. Maybe one should consider a bug
report against wicked.

Meanwhile you should try another type of network managment: NetworkManager
or networkd.

Best regards
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not
sure about the former.” Albert Einstein
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