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Re: [opensuse] Video colours and density
Anton Aylward composed on 2016-08-06 12:28 (UTC-0400):

Well I still haven't got VLC to play my DVDs or YouTube downloads...

I'm trying tom play a DVD.
If I fire it up with SMplayer the colours and brightness seem OK, but
I'm stuck on the menu screen.
Despite having set the appropriate config, mouse clicking on the "play"
main on-screen menu doesn't work. I can't get past that point, can't
get SMplayer to play the main movie.

This is disappointing, SMplayer renders the things I've downloaded from
Youtube very well.

I can get kaffine to play the movie on the DVD. It just works its way
though everything on the DVD and I merely have to wait for the movie to
come round.

However with Kaffine the movie itself is very dark. I've tried
adjusting my monitor settings and my X11 settings to no avail, even to
the point o making other applications unusable from what amounts to
'whiteout'. But the movie in kaffine stays flat.

I'm at a loss how to proceed.

How about booting live Leap or TW media and installing VLC. Is the disappointment the same?

I booted an Optiplex 620 (945G Lakeport; DDR2-533) 3.0GHz P4 to 13.2/KDE4 with stock 32-bit kernel. VLC 2.2.4 only plays audio. Video displays the first frame of H264 HD indefinitely. With SD it occasionally switches to a later frame, maybe about every 3 seconds at best. Youtube in Firefox does a fair job with frame advance, glitchy but watchable, though source typically stinks.

In an Optiplex 745 (Q965 Broadwater; DDR2-667) 2.67GHz C2D in 13.2/KDE4 with stock 64-bit kernel, VLC 2.2.4 plays lower quality SD passably, but gets audio and video out of sync with better. It does the same thing with HD as the 620.

(your Optiplex 755/Q35 Bearlake)

In an Optiplex 760 (Series 4/Q43 Eaglelake; DDR2-800) 3.0GHz E8400 C2D in 13.2/KDE4 with stock 64-bit kernel, VLC 2.2.4 tries to play a high bitrate 720p MPEG4 recorded from a Fox DVB satellite feed, but there's too much blocking to watch and too much audio dropout. Whether the problem is decoding, or the original recording is wanting I don't know. SD is good. Modest bitrate H264 4:2:0 MPEG4 1080 (syndicated Big Bang Theory episode from DVB satellite feed) isn't bad, and colors seem right.

According to the 760 is the first Optiplex with the GMA X4500, which is the earliest Intel gfx to decode H264 in hardware instead of software.

IOW, your 755 doesn't seem to have quite enough HP for all types of HD video, so might easily be adversely impacted by something changed in the VLC software, or in the driver stack. Which libva* packages do you have installed? Could be providing a confirming clue?

Maybe what you need is to put something in the X16 PCIe slot?
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