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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
On 06/09/2016 07:02 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Greg Freemyer composed on 2016-06-09 19:04 (UTC-0400):

This is what I've got picked out right now. (or see below)

Intel Core i5-6400 2.7GHz Quad-Core Processor

I'll need to get a SATA cable I assume. Any other cables, etc. I
need to buy?

Every retail boxed motherboard I've bought since SATA was born shipped
with at least two SATA cables.

ASRock H110M-DGS Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

I bought an Asrock once. It won't happen again. It lasted about two
weeks past its warranty expiration. AFAICT, Asrock is a lower tier
brand, like eCS, and a bunch of brands that no longer exist.

My last mobo purchase, 9 months ago, is what I'm typing from:

with this CPU from eBay for $46:

Are you sure you're up for a piece of the Skylake on Linux grief some
of us have been reading about?

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2400 Memory

and 16G DDR3 RAM:

Thermaltake Core V51 ATX Mid Tower Case

Lotsa case for a micro ATX mobo. :-p

Last time I bought a new case I can't remember. It was probably at
least 12 years ago. My ancient Antec cases have hard to strip steel
screw threads, unlike all the aluminum cases I've encountered since.

Power Supply
CoolMax 300W Micro ATX Power Supply

Doesn't look like it's an 80Plus.

I set a price floor of about $30-35 on power supplies I buy. Even with
the CoolMax name I'm skeptical of a price that low for 300W.

Caveat emptor!

You get what you pay for. Buy cheap, you get cheap. OK, look, I get it.
Budget restraints and all that. But if you buy a better product, at a
higher price, it lasts longer and costs less in the long run. You don't
have to replace it as soon.

I won't buy anything but AMD based computers. It's been my experience
that they just work. No fuss. No bother. I don't know how true it is now
days but it used to be that an AMD and an Intel of roughly equal specs,
the AMD would outperform the Intell.

And, never less that a 500 watt power supply for a desktop. if it has
less than a 500 watt I replace it with a 500 watt.

We have had great luck buying "refurbs" from places like Newegg. We
bought Acer, names blacked out but.............., AMD quad cores with
all the bells and whistles for the $250 to $300 range. These were "burnt
in" and any substandard parts replaced by the "factory". [ Whoever the
"factory" is ] They've been running more or less continually for a few
years now with no issues. Because we do video editing we replaced the
onboard AMD/Radeon graphics with higher end AMD/Radeon graphics boards.
We also pumped up the ram and replaced the OEM power supplies with
better 500 watt supplies. Altogether about $400 to $500 a computer. OH
YES, don't forget extra case fans. You can't have to much air flow
through the case


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Pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

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