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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
Greg Freemyer composed on 2016-06-09 22:59 (UTC-0400):

...Make sure you have the
right monitor cable. Notably, the motherboard has DVI but not HDMI. If
your monitor has DVI, get a DVI cable. If you monitor has HDMI, get a
DVI-HDMI cable (they work fine, there is no degradation in quality).

Good to know about DVI => HDMI being fine.

AFAICT, the only significant differences between the two, besides connectors, is that audio is entirely missing from DVI. There may be something minor that's video related. One of my Vizios has one HDMI port labeled HDMI-3/DVI, but the port I use with a DVI-to-HDMI cable is not it (#4). HDMI-3/DVI does sometimes behave differently than HDMI-1 & HDMI-2 with various devices and aspect ratio options, but what exactly is going on I've not attempted to discern.
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