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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
On 10 June 2016 at 00:04, Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That's the same Case and RAM I have in my expensive tower ($2K).
(Likely overkill, but I like the idea of that.)

The case is your aesthetic choice. The RAM is exactly right, because
this means you can swap RAM around.

I've got a HDD/SSD to throw in and a USB DVD to install from.

I'll need to get a SATA cable I assume. Any other cables, etc. I need to buy?

Can't think of an internal cable at the moment. Make sure you have the
right monitor cable. Notably, the motherboard has DVI but not HDMI. If
your monitor has DVI, get a DVI cable. If you monitor has HDMI, get a
DVI-HDMI cable (they work fine, there is no degradation in quality).

Anything you see I'm choosing poorly?

Thermaltake Core V51 ATX Mid Tower Case

Power Supply
CoolMax 300W Micro ATX Power Supply

You are very definitely listing too poor a power supply for this case
and this CPU. This sort of PSU works when you are saving every dollar,
that would mean a Celeron or Pentium system if we are sticking with
Intel (as I think we should) and a basic case too.

In your case, aim for 500W and for silence, which means at least a
120mm fan, preferrably 132-140 mm.

I can't imagine shelling $100 out for a piece of molded steel but
saving on the PSU. I'd ideally aim for one of those
but some might push you over the $500 mark. I don't really know much
about modern PSUs, but here is one made by a well known manufacturer
that is $100, has a 120mm fan, and can stop its fan when under low
. This would let you match an $100 PSU with an $100 case :)

Another approach is a fanless PSU:
- but this is 400W and I'd only use this if you are planning no
expansion at all at all, and ideally witrh an SSD, as an HDD might
want a bit of cooling in the case... basically I'd use this one if
going for a totally silent system, and I would not put an i5 in that.
I'd put a Pentium in that and live with the lower power - a Pentium
dissipates less heat and so the fan will be able to run slower. So in
you case I would not go fanless.

Yet another option is going full-on aesthetic and matching a
Thermaltake case with a Thermaltake PSU. Here's one that has a 140mm
fan so I'd say this is *probably* your best bet overall:
(or perhaps the 550W or 650W option - as the 750W might be underloaded
leading to lower efficiency)

Speaking of silence: you did not select a CPU fan. The stock fan will
do fine but can be noisy. There are a lot of quieter third-party
options depending on how much you are willing to spend. Here's an
inexpensive one., the model I am using:

But with the case and suggested PSU, we can continue being aesthetic
and get a Thermaltake, a probably very quiet 140mm Thermaltake too:
. While LGA1151 is not mentioned on its Amazon page it is mentioned on
its Thermaltake page:
, so I think it is supported all right.

This stuff pushes you a bit over 500, but probably not critically -
and you get a PSU and CPU fan that match your case in both
manufacturer and class.

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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