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Re: [opensuse] apache 2.4 performance issue / processwire.
On 2016-06-09 15:32, Per Jessen wrote:
Well, I can at least report some progress -


a) I have a test system up and running.

b) I have xdebug working, I find the documentation is a little lacking,
but I'm getting there.

c) In utter desperation, I actually went and googled "php many lstat

(precisely what I am seeing).

Looks like you struck gold.

If it is doing five lstats for every file and there are 4500 files then hitting each file once with no cacheing would give you the bulk of your lstats but why would it be hitting every file? Making a sitemap?

It seems that moving the apache root to the system root gets around the problem. Obviously not desirable with a real system but could you chroot or something? Maybe even reducing the number of levels in the path would help. It might be faster to access /htdoc than the current path.

I did a function trace, and I do not see loads of clearstatcache()
calls, I've increased "realpath-cache-size", but

"Note that the realpath cache is not used if either safe_mode is on or
an open_basedir restriction is in effect. This is having a huge
performance effect, causing lots of calls to lstat.
I am using "open_basedir", of course. Can't get through to
at the moment. I'm still reading the bugreport.

I can access but I'm not sure what you're having trouble with if you're already reading the bug report.

On my test-system, a plain office PC, but directly attached disk (vs.
iSCSI), the 15000 lstat calls are done in about 500ms.

The interesting question to me there is why is that system faster than your server? Or rather, why is your server slow?
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