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Re: [opensuse] Off-Topic: sending details (in)securely via email
On 08/06/16 12:59, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-06-02 15:04, Daniel Bauer wrote:

Am 02.06.2016 um 11:44 schrieb Carlos E. R.:


You know the 500€ bill? Here in Spain they are called "bin ladens"
because every body knows they exist, but nobody has seen them.

Well, once I managed to handle one.

Of course I scanned it! X'-)

I don't expect to see another in my life. Inflation not allowing. I want
to remember how it was, having one in my hands.

But the EU has decided not to print anymore of those. They are very much
used for illegal transfers (specially in Spain!).

If bin's are used for illegal transfers in Spain they must be used
mainly by the corrupt government, no? So there would be no reason to
prohibit them, in contrary....

Well, the order to suppress them comes "from Europe", higher up.

Corrupt people in general. Any money transfer happening below the radar.
It can be mafia (drugs, prostitution, etc), bribes to officials, extra
price of things not in the papers (say, you buy a house for X, but you
pay also Y).

But it can also be legal transfers, like draw an amount in a bank, place
it in another bank without paying the money transfer fee the bank wants.

The reason is not "illegal transfers" but to suppress any cash transfer
in the end for the sake of a) total control and b) more money for the
nice friends who handle the electronic transfers (credit cards, banks...).


How those friends pay their facilitators to say thanks, when there are
no more big cash bills is a mystery to me. Maybe with cocaine...

Who knows...

A relevant article in today's local press in Lyon (in French):

In short, a guy accused of drug trafficking has paid a bail of half a million euros, all in cash, supplied by 29 different people stuffing 500 euro notes into envelopes.
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