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Re: [opensuse] Re: dhcpv6-pd
On 06/07/2016 03:25 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-06-07 21:19, James Knott wrote:
On 06/07/2016 03:16 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
He was talking about announcing back to the WAN. That means back to the
ISP. I don't know how you read it otherwise.
WAN in this case refers to the socket labelled "WAN" in that internal
router, not to the real "WAN". It connects to LAN-1
And what does that "WAN" connect to? Unless I'm seriously mistaken, it
connects to his ADSL modem, which in turn connects back to the ISP? Is
there some other "WAN" in this context?
The WAN of the internal router connects to the LAN of the ISP facing router.

internet---Router 1------------Router 2------

]> In this instance, there are 2 sides of a router, the LAN side and the
]> WAN. LAN means the local network and WAN faces the ISP. He says he has
]> to advertise to the WAN side. That means he has to send info back to
]> the ISP. There is no other possible meaning of that.

The WAN of router 2 advertises to LAN-1, not to the ISP.

Where does he say he has 2 routers? All I see is a question about using
a /56. Even if he did have 2 routers, what does that have to do with
the changing prefixes. If he in fact has 2 routers, then he has to
split off the relevant /64 prefixes. You can't just connect a 2nd
router into the first and expect it to work, without some method of
assigning it a /64 prefix. Then the first router has to know how to
reach the 2nd. That doesn't just happen. Either it has to be manually
configured or some routing protocol has to be used.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I have split off a 2nd /64 as an
experiment, with a VLAN as an interface. I don't recall any mention
from Koenraad about anything like a 2nd router, VLAN etc., just a
question about getting a /56.

BTW, just so you know where I'm coming from, I work with routers almost
daily in my job. I have also worked with IPv6 for 6 years and am a
Cisco CCNA. So, if something doesn't make sense to me, then it's likely
due to bad info from the other person. That is, what they're saying
just doesn't make sense. Now he mentioned an ADSL modem that's up &
down like a yo-yo. That might be the cause of at least some of his
problems. He also mentioned advertising routes to the WAN side. Unless
presented with something that says otherwise, I must conclude he's
talking about back to the ISP.

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