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Re: [opensuse] not working in chrome
On 06.06.2016 20:25, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2016-06-06 16:02, Aaron Digulla wrote:

This is a server side error. It doesn't matter what Java version(s) you have

And I hope that you disabled the Java browser plugin years ago. It's a huge
security hole (despite Oracle's efforts).
Now that you mention it, I didn't notice. When the browser tries to
start java in my machine I get a dialogue whether I want to allow it or
not. And on the amazon page I don't get that dialogue.

Why does it want to start java for George?

You're mistaken. "HTTP Status 500" means that a Java program (server) is
running in That's how they build the pages which you can
see. This program can't handle the language which George's browser is
telling to use.

No local Java, JavaScript or Java plugin is involved.


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