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Re: [opensuse] Secondary keyboard?

On 06/06/2016 01:31 AM, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
On 06/06/2016 01:42 AM, Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

My system has a primary language (English UK) and a secondary language
(Russian). I'd like to install a secondary keyboard too.

But YaST only lets me choose one system keyboard layout.

How can I get the secondary keyboard to work, apart from manually
editing configuration?

I'm using a US keyboard yet sometimes need some German Umlauts.
With the following, I can toggle between the 2 layouts by pressing
the - otherwise unused - Right Win key:

setxkbmap -layout us,de -variant ,nodeadkeys \
-option grp:rwin_toggle,grp_led:scroll

When the 'de' layout is active, the Scroll Lock LED is on. ;-)
I've put the above into my ~/.xinitrc.
FWIW I'm using 'openbox' as window manager, but this should
also work with others.

Have a nice day,
You can also get umlauts, esstzets, and all sorts of accents and diacrits by using a Compose key. In Linux, you can set a compose key in the keyboard settings menu--I use right-alt, since I
have an old IBM keyboard with no Windows keys, but if you have a Windows k/b, the right Win key would be ideal. To use the compose key, you type (usually) two characters after hitting
Compose and letting go. So for an o with an umlaut, it's Compose>">o: ö likewise for ä, ü. For capital letters, you need to upcase the letter: Ö, Ä, Ü. And for esstzet. it's Compose>s>s: ß.
You can get vowels with accents in Italian, French, Spanish, etc. à uses the back-tick below the ~, and of course, ñ uses that character. You can also get £, ¢, and ° (Compose>o>o).
And lots of other things--Google for compose sequences. Here's a useful one if you're into electronics: µ Greek mu, for micro. Compose>/>u.


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