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Re: [opensuse] On Hubs and Horse Whips
On 06/05/2016 10:06 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 06/04/2016 10:36 PM, James Knott wrote:
Most hubs run at 10 Mb, a few at 100 Mb and none at Gb. A hub will
severely throttle modern connections, which may interfere with what
you're trying to observer.

Once again, James, your missing the point of the CONTEXT Jeffrey was

Yes there are going to be contexts where what you say is true, and ones,
certainly ones that I have met and probably Jeffrey has met, where what
you say isn't true.

Its also possible that even with the slowing down the problem still
appears because it has nothing to do with the speed of the packets and
everything to do with something else about them.

Context is Everything.

Yep and the context in today's networks is that hubs are obsolete. I
have used port mirroring in my work to work on a problem. The only time
I ever used a hub for monitoring at work was to simply show my manager
it could be done to read plain text passwords. Back in the day, when I
had only a 6 Mb Internet connection, using a hub for monitoring would
not have been a significant issue. These days I have a 60 Mb connection
and many others have much higher bandwidth. Using a hub is like using a
crank to start your car.

Again, I don't recall seeing new hubs for quite some time, but I'm sure
I could find one if I were to dig through my closet.

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