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Re: [opensuse] Off-Topic: sending details (in)securely via email
On 02/06/16 11:44, Carlos E. R. wrote:
You know the 500€ bill? Here in Spain they are called "bin ladens"
because every body knows they exist, but nobody has seen them.

Well, once I managed to handle one.

Of course I scanned it! X'-)

I don't expect to see another in my life. Inflation not allowing. I want
to remember how it was, having one in my hands.

But the EU has decided not to print anymore of those. They are very much
used for illegal transfers (specially in Spain!).

I don't know what's the biggest pound note in use :-?

The biggest regular British pound note in ordinary circulation is £50. But a few years ago there was a story about some swindle in the far east involving million pound notes. Like many others, I thought this was fabricated believing no such thing existed, but apparently such high denominations do exist, just not in the traditional form of colourful notes we are familiar with. The article went on to say how the person forging the million pound notes was caught because only a very limited number had ever been produced and hence those genuine ones could all be traced.

As for the 500€ notes, I've never even handled a 200€ or a 100€ note. It's annoying enough when the cash machine gives me a 50€ bill. I recall some shops here in France refusing to accept them. On the other hand, on the rare occasion I've needed to draw a large sum in cash in either pounds or euros and I've asked for the higher denominations from the bank so as to carry less bulk, they've never adhered to my request and always given me a big clump of 20£/€ bills, as if to imply that I'm not big enough to handle the high value ones.

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