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Re: [opensuse] Off-Topic: sending details (in)securely via email
On 29/05/16 19:35, James Knott wrote:
On 05/29/2016 01:31 PM, gumb wrote:
On 29/05/16 19:14, James Knott wrote:
What are the risk points? Do you have an account on their mail server
with SSL/TLS connections? If so, the email will be encrypted en route
and plain text only on the server.

I don't have an email account supplied by the employer. It would be
sent from one of my private accounts. My main email provider offers
nothing more than 'Password, transmitted insecurely'. Another account
does provide SSL/TLS, but I really didn't want them linking that
particular account to me!

That's a strange account that doesn't support SSL/TLS. Well, as someone
else mentioned, put it online somewhere and provide a link. Google
Drive will do what you want.

It's an account I've had for donkey's years with a UK-based ISP. I have three domains, including the one I use for work, linked to it and it costs next to nothing. Unfortunately, despite promising for about a decade that they are 'looking into' the possibility of providing secure email, that has never come to fruition. And being abroad I can't route my mail directly via their relay server, I have to use the one of my French ISP with no authentication.

I suppose then that if I use Google Drive or some such and send the link in an email, I'll have to transmit any associated password/key by some separate means?
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