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Re: [opensuse] ipv6 - the "Tipping Point"
On 05/26/2016 02:24 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
It's coming, but still veryyyyy slowly. Especially the smaller
providers and hosters are lagging behind, but also many big companies -
e.g. amazon, IBM, HP, SUSE, ABB, Credit-Suisse, UBS, FAZ.

This seems, almost but not quite, the OPPOSITE of the way the World Wide
Web grew up in the first place.

It started with the smaller companies who had nothing to loose with
try-out and the BigNames who had inertia and were set in their ways
about "media" (and still used TELEX rather than email) did not yet see
any business advantage.

Yes. there will be a "tipping point"[1] to the change in IPv6, but I
suspect it will come about from the _necessity_ of IoT rather than any
'business advantage' to the WWW and current IPv4 users. It may well be
led by the science-fiction like hordes of users managing their homes by
remote control from the smartphones; remotely checking what's in the
fridge before they submit, remotely, an order to the supermarket;
remotely turning on the slow cooker and programming the microwave;
remotely watering the plants and operating the cat-feeder; remotely
ordering a Uber-taxi to pick up the kids from school and remotely
opening the house door for them when they arrive home; remotely helping
them with their homework by remotely continuing texts at the on-line
WikiLibrary and GuttenTextBook services, a couple of the few public
services that are IPv6-enabled.

Yes a true 21st century working parent, eh?

While the points James make are, technically, correct, the "veryyyyy"
slow adoption tells me that those are not relevant to the tipping point.
The utility of IoT is going to be it. The address space requirements of
IoT will necessitate it, There are going to be other impediments, like
size and power requirement of sensors and actuators, but that's another

[1] In case you've haven't read it:

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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