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Re: [opensuse] windows 8.1 - openSUSE 13.2 dual boot
On 05/23/2016 05:38 AM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

I have a computer with installed Windows 8.1. I have installed openSUSE 13.2
on this computer but unfortunately I did not look into the procedure
beforehand supposing that openSUSE takes care of dual booting and installs a
working boot manager. And it did, it installed a working boot manager which
worked until I booted Windows 8.1. After that the openSUSE boot manager
disappeared and the computer just boots directly Windows 8.1. Then I looked
into this and found that in Windows I have to run bcdedit with the path
pointing to openSUE boot manager file:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} "path\EFI\opensuse\shimx64.efi
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} "path\EFI\opensuse\grubx64.efi

But when I mount the EFI partition in windows it does not have either of
these files.
What it has is a file EFI\opensuse\X with 0 byte size. So it's probably not
the correct file.

Firstly, this is really a firmware (BIOS) bug. I have that issue on my
current desktop. The firmware deletes additional boot options. So when
you install opensuse, the Windows boot option is removed from NVRAM.
However, you can still boot it with grub. Then when you boot Windows,
it discovers that its boot entry is missing. So it puts its boot entry
back, and the firmware then removes the opensuse entry.

The Windows command that you need is:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\opensuse\shim.efi

Note the space between "path" and "\EFI".

This refers to the EFI partition, which is not normally visible in
Windows. Relative to the EFI partition, the path refers to
"/EFI/opensuse/shim.efi". I think Ubuntu uses a different name for its
shim, so you probably saw advice for Ubuntu.

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