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Re: [opensuse] file extension specificity in linux
Am 29.02.2016 um 19:15 schrieb Istvan Gabor:
One of the strengths of linux that it doesn't require extension to
identify file type. Why don't some linux applications make use of this

File extensions often mean nothing on Linux. Most file dialogs have an
option to show all files. There are a few applications, especially ones
which also exist on Windows, which are more picky. They configure the
file dialogs to just show specific files types, or, in the case of
Open/LibreOffice, they replace the standard file dialogs with own
versions. That sucks. The solution here: Just change the extension, so
you can open the file. It's a cheap workaround that always works, and
any other solution would be complex, brittle and expensive in comparison.

Or you can try to start the application from the command line and feed
it the file name there. That will allow you to pass any name and there
won't be any extension filtering ... unless you have configured your
shell to suggest only "valid" file types. In that case, you have to
copy&paste the file name since tab completion will fail.

It would be great if we had a file system like Mac where each file has
to specify it's type in the metadata (along with the file name). But
that's another can of worms.


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