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Re: [opensuse] switching console without Alt key :-(
On 02/28/2016 12:08 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 02/28/2016 12:59 PM, jdd wrote:
Le 28/02/2016 18:40, Carlos E. R. a écrit :
On 2016-02-28 17:40, jdd wrote:

I have a small keyboard that do not have any Alt key, do you know an
other way to switch terminal in init 3 mode (no X)?

chvt 1

well.. I need this when my first one is occupied :-(

I need to configure some other key (left windows key, for example)

In absolute terms there is XbingKeys, but if you are in a desktop
manager such as KDE or Gnome they also have facilities for setting a
'global' key alias.
Under KDE's 'system settings', for example. there are "Standard Keyboard
Shortcuts" and "Global keyboard Shortcuts" which you can redefine.

The left window key, at least on my English keyboard, is a META key.
I can, for example, define META+1 to one of the defined actions.
Or define a new one.

(My setup doesn't have the action you want, but apparently to can define
more, possibly in a file and import it. Or export what you have, edit
that and extend. Or do as I describe below.)

What you want is a "Command Shortcut".
In the "Custom Shortcuts" use: Edit->New->Global->Command

I just set a new item (you may want to create a group) to META+1 and the
command "sudo chvt 1"; saved, tested
Work great.

But before you go to heroic efforts remember keyboards start at less than
five dollars, and I'm betting there are more than one in that famous closet of
anxieties of yours.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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