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Re: [opensuse] manage loop mounted device by user
26.02.2016 18:21, jdd пишет:
Le 26/02/2016 15:50, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :

oh curious. the 32 bits dvd not even boot on uefi system... I will
try this

Yes, DVD does not have loader, but package is available.

and I (for now) can't see how to use it :-(. As it's loaded as BIOS,
yast do not even have the grub-efi option (in bootloader), even after
having created the EFI partition and mounted it in /boot/EFI

and grub-efi *is* installed I have to find files and copy then by hand...

I am afraid I lost track what we discuss here.

First you said that you only need grub2 image for 32 bit EFI to put on
installation media. You explicitly said several times that you do not
need anything more and are not interested in this bootloader after

Now you complain that you cannot use standard tools to configure GRUB2
on 32 bit (EFI) system. Well, I tried to explain you from the very
beginning that it is not there and is not exactly straightforward to put

And in any case you cannot complete installation of GRUB2 for EFI
platform while booted in BIOS mode - you cannot update NVRAM because EFI
API is not there. So you need some way to boot system into EFI mode
before you can actually do it.

I also try this page:

You cannot register anything while booted in BIOS mode.


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