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Re: [opensuse] manage loop mounted device by user
On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 12:58 PM, jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my work toward booting a 32 bits uefi, I have to edit the boot part of
the openSUSE Leap iso.

I probably have better result using studio, but anyway I would like to
troubleshoot the more obvious way, that is editing the iso itself. And, as
there no reason to make it as root, I would like to make it as user.

This mean using rw loop mounted files.

Very long time ago, I could drive a course on file systems using loop
mounted files as filesystem support, it's more easy than some may think. But
this is the past.

I don't know exactly the structure of the hybrid openSUSE iso , but I know
there are at least two partitions in it, one fat32 for EFI and the other as
iso9660 standard. I want to keep the boot capability (obviously) and so
don't impact grub2 links.


I can open the EFI partition and add to it, but the available room is very
small and I can't copy there the full grub2 32 bit folder (efi file and
modules - around 13Mo only).

a) you should not need full folder, at least if you are using image
from openSUSE RPM (and you do not say what folder exactly you copy)

b) efi file + modules cannot be 13M - they should be around 2M.

so what I need is enlarging the filesystem.

Of course I don't use a dvd but a 8Gb usb stick (the openSUSE one :-), so
room is not a hardware limitation.

Is it possible and how, to enlarge the EFI partition (and then write all
this back to the usb media) without disturbing grub?

You need to remaster ISO image again and replace EFI boot image with
new filesystem. I do not know what tool is used to create openSUSE
images (because you obviously also need to adjust partition table
etc). Using xorriso it would be relatively straightforward.
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