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[opensuse] manage loop mounted device by user

In my work toward booting a 32 bits uefi, I have to edit the boot part of the openSUSE Leap iso.

I probably have better result using studio, but anyway I would like to troubleshoot the more obvious way, that is editing the iso itself. And, as there no reason to make it as root, I would like to make it as user.

This mean using rw loop mounted files.

Very long time ago, I could drive a course on file systems using loop mounted files as filesystem support, it's more easy than some may think. But this is the past.

I don't know exactly the structure of the hybrid openSUSE iso , but I know there are at least two partitions in it, one fat32 for EFI and the other as iso9660 standard. I want to keep the boot capability (obviously) and so don't impact grub2 links.


I can open the EFI partition and add to it, but the available room is very small and I can't copy there the full grub2 32 bit folder (efi file and modules - around 13Mo only).

so what I need is enlarging the filesystem.

Of course I don't use a dvd but a 8Gb usb stick (the openSUSE one :-), so room is not a hardware limitation.

Is it possible and how, to enlarge the EFI partition (and then write all this back to the usb media) without disturbing grub?

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