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Re: [opensuse] system startup with two displays
25.02.2016 05:05, Patrick Shanahan пишет:

On my Tw, my primary is dvi and xrandr shows it as primary, but when
booting the logon screen shows on the hdmi connection. I don't see
anywhere in grub2/yast bootloader to designate either.

GRUB is using VESA BIOS interface which does not have notion of multiple
displays nor functions to select one. Your system is actually compliant
with Windows requirements:

System without an integrated display (integrated display is shut or
desktop system): Video device firmware must display the Pre-OS screen on
one display. The video device firmware must select the display by
prioritizing the displays based on connector type. The prioritization is
as follows: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, HD15, Component, S-Video. If there
are multiple monitors connected using the same connector type, the
firmware can select which one to use.

How xrandr designates "primary" display I do not know.
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