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Re: [opensuse] usb to COM port problem
On 22/02/16 22:11, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
23.02.2016 00:05, buhorojo пишет:
On 22/02/16 21:30, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
22.02.2016 22:18, buhorojo пишет:

I have a windows xp app which writes firmware to a device via a
COM port. The app runs fine under wine. I don't have a COM port
on my laptop but can get a usb to COM cable and plug my device
into that.

How do I link the usb to make it look like a COM under wine?
Linux most likely detected your USB to COM cable as /dev/ttyUSBxx;
how to tell Wine to use specific device as (emulated) COM port I do
not know.
OK, thanks. That gets me closer. Another search on: linux wine
/dev/tty brings up this:

Is this translatable to our 42.1?

I do not see anything Ubuntu specific in the first place.

Question: how do I find the xx in /dev/ttyUSBxx? Thanks

Do you have may of them?

Our device, a sysnscan handset, ends in a female 232. It looks as if there's not much to choose between them apart from price. How about this?

Plug in converter and do "ls /dev/ttyUSB*".
By converter, do you mean the cable e.g. above? Does the cable contain the converter or must we buy that separately?Or isthat something Linux provides?
Thanks again.

But keep in mind, that quite often those USB converters do not
offer more than basic data transmission; and that various devices
actually use RS232 hardware lines to control them (like - assert
specific pin for given time). USB converters are known to not allow
true hardware control.

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