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Re: [opensuse] boot32.efi for 64 bits processor and Leap
22.02.2016 20:31, jdd пишет:
Le 22/02/2016 18:15, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :

This needs more work to be usable - currently EFI is expected to match

don't know exactly what you mean. Debian 64 bits jessie install
perfectly with kernel 3... only the initial boot is 32 bits then one can
choose "install 64 bits".

To actually support 32 bit EFI for 64 bit OS we need

a) kernel support for exposing firmware size
(/sys/firmware/efi/fw_platform_size). This should be present as of
kernel 4.0.

Debian jessie stil use 3.x kernel

Support for booting 64 bit kernel on 32 bit EFI existed before. But ten
you need to manually configure your bootloader - you have no way to
detect correct version.

b) perl-bootloader support for selecting correct platform during
bootloader installation

probably not really,

So you are not going to ever update bootloader after installation?

UEFI only sees the 32 bits boot320.efi binary, no
choice. Present Leap options do not even show (I added myself the 32
bits efi binary to the Leap dvd)

c) grub2-i386-efi package must be included either by default or based on
installation time check (i.e. either patterns need to be updated or
installer adjusted). Currently it is not included on 64 bit system.

may be. My tablet computer had hardware problem and is gone for
replacement, so I can't verify it

So it is quite a lot for a released platform. I suggest you discuss it
on factory, whether it has chances for Leap. For Factory we need bug
report against perl-bootloader and grub2; and I think installer to
ensure 32 bit package is available when needed. I think, installing it
by default is the most simple.

what's the better, writing to factory or opening a bug/enhancement?


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