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Re: [opensuse] Buffer overflow ... and other errors
Quoting James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>:
On 02/15/2016 11:29 AM, Jeffrey L. Taylor wrote:
Real programmers enter, debug, and modify the program thru the front panel.

Of course, only mossbacks use a physical front panel. However, like the
physical front panel users, the ROM command line debugger fight between hex
and octal.

My first computer was an IMSAI 8080, which had a front panel. I also
used to debug through the microcode on Data General Eclipse computers!

I also had an IMSAI 8080. I don't remember whether I grouped the red and
blue switches by groups of 3 (octal) or groups of four (hex). And I used the
microcode debugger on my LSI-11 (DEC). Plus the front panel on an AN/UYK-7
(militarized Univac) at work.

Fond memories that I have no desire to re-enact.

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