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Re: [opensuse] 13.2 vs Leap vs Tumbleweed
On Sam, 2016-02-06 at 12:53 +0100, Frans de Boer wrote:
When I initially tried Leap, the stability was a disaster. So, I went

back to Tumbleweed. Which at the time was stable enough. However,
time to time I still have to go back to 13.2 because Tumbleweed is
always so stable.

Leap is now around for some time, so I wonder if it is stable enough
nowadays to be used instead of 13.2. The later is kind off showing
his age.

I upgraded my server/workstation from 13.1 to Leap 42.1 (fresh install)
a good month after it was released. I find it to be super stable, and
definitely an improvement over 13.1.

The machine runs a handful of server VMs 24x7, and it's also my main
workstation (Gnome DE, dual monitor). The hardware is kernel-friendly
(AMD CPU and GPU), and needs nothing but the standard Leap

HOWEVER, at first I installed Leap with the Plasma5 DE, and it did look
very appetizing, indeed. I've always used KDE on Linux so far, up to
and including KDE 4 on 13.1, and I was eager to upgrade to Plasma5.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be far to unstable, and with too many
missing features. Switching to Gnome was a completely different
experience - very polished, and surprisingly pleasant.

I have huge respect for the KDE developers, and at heart it is my
preferred DE. That's why I find it such an excruciating shame that,
from a user's point of view, every time KDE moves to a new Qt version,
it seemingly falls apart, loses a baffling amount of features, and
becomes a beta-something for years. I lived through the jarring
disruptions of the transition from KDE 3 to 4, but can't be bothered an
y more.

I do follow the development of Plasma5 on my NetBook with Tumbleweed,


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