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Re: [opensuse] leap 42.1 - missing an iscsi target/server?
07.02.2016 22:20, Per Jessen пишет:
On 13.1 and earlier, I have installed 'iscsitarget' (ietd), but that's not
available in Leap 42.1 ? I can't see another iscsi server either - can
someone point me in the right direction? ISTR something about ietd being
deprecated in favour of lio, but I can't find that either.

I'm not sure about deprecation, but as far as I understand LIO is kernel
based, so only configuration tools exist.

There is:

lio-mibs - Target Userspace utils
lio-utils - Target Userspace utils

Their wiki suggests that lio-utils is deprecated in favor of targetcli
(both exist in Leap).

yast2-iscsi-lio-server - Configuration of iSCSI LIO target

I will also be trying out iscsiuio. but that's only for bnx2 devices afaict.


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